German Language Class

Placement test Sommersemester 2023

The placementtest take place end of Februar / beginning March (online)

Registration starts in Januar 2023

Please send all required documents to [email protected]

Preparatory German classes in cooperation between Heinrich Heine University and its student body

In cooperation with Heinrich Heine University, the AStA (Allgemeiner Studierendenausschuss) offers preparatory German language classes that will enable you to acquire a language certificate (DSH, TestDaF, etc.) that is necessary for admission to professional studies. The classes are intensive courses with a duration of 300 lessons per semester (20 lessons per week, duration of lessons between 4 and 4.5 months). They are characterized by a rapid progression and therefore require your willingness to attend regularly, to actively participate and to work independently on preparation and follow-up of the subject matter. Beginning of the classes is approximately mid-April (summer semester) or mid-October (winter semester). Currently, the course fee is € 550 (textbook not included). Please also read the further information at the end of the page!

Please note: Unfortunately, we only have a limited number of places in our German classes. Of course, we try to enable all potential students to participate in our classes, but we can not give you a guarantee for a place!

We offer preparatory intensive courses at the following levels:

· Intermediate Intensive I (B1 +)

· Intermediate Intensive II (B2 +)

· Advanced Intensive (C1)

NOTE: As per specification of the Ministry of Education, we can not offer classes at levels A1 and A2. If your language skills are not sufficient, you can not participate in the preparatory German classes!

If you would like to take part in our classes, you must first register for the placement test, which takes place approximately six weeks before the start of the classes. The placement test is binding for all new participants, regardless of whether you already have certificates from other language schools! On our website you will soon find the exact dates to register for the placement test as well as the date of the test.

To register for the placement test, you must bring the following documents:

· Copy of your passport (international page with picture)

· Copy of your visa

· Copy of the registration certificate of your place of residence (Meldebescheinigung)

· NEW: copy of Vorprüfungsdokumentation (VPD; pre-examination documentation) from as proof of higher education entrance qualification (Hochschulzugangsberechtigung / HZB)

NOTE: After you have submitted all the required documents, the processing time for the VPD is about 4 to 6 weeks! So please apply for the VPD early on

As part of the cooperation with Heinrich Heine University, our language students will receive student status starting in summer semester 2021. This means: After you have written the placement test and have registered for a place in the German classes, you must also enroll at Heinrich Heine University and pay the social contribution, which currently is € 314,16.

You then qualify as a language student and receive a HHU student ID card, which allows you to use public transport in NRW (North Rhine-Westphalia) for the whole semester and to take advantage of many other discounts for students.


· Request Vorprüfungsdokumentation (VPD; pre-examination documentation) on

· Register for the placement test (documents to be brought and registration deadline see above)

· Participate in the placement test (result at least B1)

· Register for the classes (payment of the course fee)

· Enroll at the university (transfer of social contribution)

· Welcome to our German classes and to Heinrich Heine University!


Ute Engel

Mail: [email protected]

AStA – Office
25.23 Room U1.44

Opening hours:

Monday + Thursday 9.30 – 12.00

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